America Loves Australia's Modded V8 Utes

Video: We love our utes. You know who else does? Car nerds in the US.

1320video, a US-based street drag car channel on YouTube, has a video of a NSW-registered VE Commodore ute, big single turbo and all — with no air filter in front of it, eep — tearing up the drag strip at Eastern Creek Western Sydney International Dragway.

The ute, capable of running well into the 8s and topping 240km/h over the quarter mile, sounds good. If you look around on YouTube and on our sister site Jalopnik, you'll find a lot of love for our utes — which makes it even more of a pity that they're slowly dying off. Are they a bit outdated in 2017? Maybe. But are they cool? The US thinks so, and we agree. [YouTube]

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