ALDI Has A Xbox One S Bundle For $279 This Saturday

Image: Kotaku

If you're after a cheap Xbox One S, this is a legitimately good bundle.

Available from ALDI stores this Saturday, you can get an Xbox One S 500GB for $279. You're not just getting the console though: it comes with Forza Horizon 3, a stonking good game in its own right, and the Rare Replay package (which has games varying from great to Why Am I Playing This In 2017).

Image: ALDI

As is the case with ALDI's tech deals, it's only available for one day and it's only available in store. That means you'll probably have to sacrifice a bit of dignity and elbow your way past people you'd ordinarily give up a seat on the train for. Seriously, Saturday mornings at ALDI can get rough. But right now, this is probably the best Xbox One S bundle going around.

If your car is somehow capable, ALDI will also be selling 60" 4K LCD TVs for $799. There's better bang for buck from Kogan's 55" TVs, but they don't have a 60" offering and all of their 65" TVs will set you back $899 or more. Still, it's nice to have options.

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