A King Kong Jigsaw Puzzle Is Just One Of The Cool Things In Artist Max Dalton’s New Show

A King Kong Jigsaw Puzzle Is Just One Of The Cool Things In Artist Max Dalton’s New Show

Max Dalton’s art isn’t flashy. It’s simple and clean, which allows for the complex subjects he chooses or unique mediums he uses to really shine through. That’s been the case for years, and his latest show definitely continues the trend.

A unique 500-piece King Kong jigsaw puzzle by artist Max Dalton. All Images: Spoke Art

The show is called MaxTape and it will open at the Spoke Art Gallery in New York City on Saturday, July 8. While much of the show is music-based, with original drawings of famous musicians as well as reinterpretations of well-known album covers, the Argentinian artist has a fair amount of cinematic inspiration, too. There are prints and originals celebrating several films we know and love, but don’t often get the recognition they deserve. Such as these pieces.

So that’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Amelie and Edward Scissorhands. The complex tales of Amelie and Eternal Sunshine are put together like a house, giving all of the little asides and details a place to shine. And Scissorhands, well, doing the characters as cutouts is a perfect representation.

Dalton also works in different mediums, including puzzles.

King Kong and Willy Wonka are two movies that have very intriguing and unique worlds, so to be able to build them yourself is very cool.

Then he also has a ton of paintings of some very recognisable characters.

Yes, those are the Universal Monsters done in Dalton’s signature style, which really brings the characters to life.

The show, at 210 Rivington St, New York, NY, will remain on display through July 30, and you can get more information at this link.