A Hulking Gladiator Hulk Figure, The Return Of Tickle Me Elmo, And All The Best Toys Of The Week

A Hulking Gladiator Hulk Figure, The Return Of Tickle Me Elmo, And All The Best Toys Of The Week

Second only to San Diego Comic-Con brought us more toy news than our wallets can reasonably take. Many of the reveals were only available on the convention floor, but there will still plenty of announcements you can look forward to as we creep closer to the holidays. That’s right, July isn’t even over but it’s already time to start assembling those Christmas lists.

Hot Toys 1/6-Scale Thor: Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk and Roadworn Thor Figures

Marvel’s standalone Thor movies have largely been forgettable additions to the Avengers storyline. But Thor and the Hulk that’s spawned some wonderful 12 and 43cm figures from Hot Toys. Each features the usual over-the-top attention to detail, sculpting, and accessories that Hot Toys is known for, including steep $US243 ($304) and $US355 ($444) price tags. [Sideshow Collectibles Gladiator Hulk and Roadworn Thor]

Blitzway Ghostbusters 1/6-Scale Ecto-1

At last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Blitzway revealed a line of sixth-scale Ghostbusters figures featuring remarkably accurate likenesses of each character. The toymaker also teased a sixth-scale version of the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 large enough for those 30cm tall figures to ride inside, and a year later we finally got our first look at it at Facebook via Toyark]

Mondo 1/6th-Scale Batman: The Animated Series Batman Figure

We’re hesitant to get too excited about Mondo’s forthcoming 1/6th-scale Batman: The Animated Series figure line given it was first revealed at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. But now that we’ve got an official image of the 30cm figure, who will come with swappable hands, faces, and a small assortment of batcessories. There’s also news that Mondo will finally be accepting pre-orders later this year, although it means there’s even more waiting for fans of the animated series. [Toy News International]

Hot Wheels Star Wars First Order TIE Silencer

Comic-Con brought us a few more details about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, including the official reveal of the new ship Kylo Ren will be piloting in the sequel, the First Order TIE Silencer. If you can’t wait until December to see it, however, Hot Wheels now has a $US20 ($25) four-inch long die-cast replica of the ship showing off most of the ship’s details. It was supposedly only available at Mattel’s San Diego Comic-Con booth, but odds are you’ll also see it popping up on store shelves as we get closer to the film’s release later this year.

NECA Aliens Seven-inch USCM Colonel James Cameron Figure

Don’t bother going back and re-watching Aliens. While James Cameron has been known to add his voice to his movies as a cameo, the director never suited up to battle xenomorphs on-screen. This seven-inch figure from NECA, shipping in November for $US23 ($29), is the Easter Egg itself, featuring a likeness of Cameron based on the director’s appearance while filming Aliens. In addition to a pulse rifle and tracking device, the figure also includes a clapboard, viewfinder, and a Canadian flag patch on the shoulder of his uniform. You didn’t realise he was a Canuck? [The NECA Store]

Hot Wheels Ai Mario Kart Edition

Almost a year after Hot Wheels smart RC cars were introduced, Mattel is releasing its first new addition to the line with a $US135 ($169) Mario Kart-themed starter set featuring Yoshi and Mario at the wheel of tiny RC go-karts. The set also includes Nintendo-themed reconfigurable racetrack pieces which the go-karts use to intelligently stay on the track, making it easier for younger kids to race. In addition to sounds and voices borrowed from the popular video game franchise, racing hazards like banana peels and turtle shells are recreated if you feel like being a jerk to your opponents.

The Return of Tickle Me Elmo

21 years ago Hasbro’s Tickle Me Elmo was released and became as sought after as the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls were in the early ’80s. So it was inevitable that Hasbro would eventually try to make lightning strike twice, and this fall you’ll be able to buy the giggling, laughing Elmo toy once again. Powered by a pair of AA batteries, the new $US30 ($38) Elmo is smaller than the original, thanks to a couple decades of electronics shrinkage, but the idea is basically the same. A pair of touch sensors cause the toy to first giggle when tickled, and then laugh uncontrollably with that distinctive perpetual toddler voice. But now that we have online shopping, hopefully there won’t be any in-store fights breaking out over this version.

Gentle Giant Star Wars Early Bird 4-Pack Jumbo Set

The Star Wars film franchise is synonymous with toys, but it hasn’t always been that way. When the original film came out in 1977, action figures weren’t immediately available. Kids instead had to settle for pre-order kits that promised toys once they started rolling out of factories. Gentle Giant has recreated four of those original pre-order figures — Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, and R2-D2 — as jumbo 30cm figures with minimal detailing, but a whopping $US279 ($349) price tag for the set. [Gentle Giant via Toy Ark]

McFarlane Toys Star Trek Captain Kirk and Captain Picard Figures

The recent 50th anniversary of Star Trek, the upcoming 30th anniversary of The Next Generation, and a forthcoming new TV series, have bolstered interest in the various shows again, which also means we’re getting new toys. A few months ago McFarlane Toys announced it would be producing a line of seven-inch figures for Toy News International]

DC Essentials Action Figures

Based on the illustrations of artist Jason Fabok in the DC Rebirth series, this new line of 18cm figures from DC Comics features more articulation than any previous DC toy line. Wave one of the line includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Nightwing, and Deathstroke. The catch? They will only be available in two-packs for $US26 ($33) so you might end up having to buy a character you don’t want, and they won’t go on sale until next summer. [IGN]

ThinkGeek Legend of Zelda Electronic Ocarina of Time

If you had to choose one of Link’s many accessories to play with in real life, it would probably be the Master Sword. But if you had to choose two, you’d also totally opt for Link’s Ocarina, letting you jam while you’re out cutting grass and hunting for Rupees. ThinkGeek’s $US30 ($38) recreation isn’t quite as magical as the real thing, it won’t let you jump through time with a special sequence of notes, but you can play classic Zelda hits like Epona’s Song, Saria’s Song, and the Song of Storms, among others. Or you can just make up your own Hyrule hits with a free-play mode and leave all those important quests for tomorrow. [ThinkGeek]