Why A Samsung QLED TV Is The Only Home Theatre You Need

Why A Samsung QLED TV Is The Only Home Theatre You Need

These days, your home theatre doesn’t need to be a massive installation that takes up an entire room of your house. You can mount an ultra flat QLED TV on the wall of your living room, and with a single ultra-thin cable, have your entire home entertainment setup connected while it’s hidden away.

A TV That Works With Your Home’s Unique Style

Design is more important than ever in the way we build and decorate our homes, and that’s especially true when it comes to the objects we furnish them with. To say that old TVs look boring is being kind to them — some were downright ugly — but new screens have just as much emphasis placed into their construction and styling as they do to their picture quality. Samsung’s ultra flat QLED TV features boundless 360 design with metal, and its no gap wall mount allows for a seamless, gorgeous looking placement in your living space. Also: materials can be used to transform the rear of the display into a piece artwork rather than a piece of technology. Samsung’s QLED TVs deserve to be front and centre in your living room.

Samsung’s new QLED TVs are the best that TVs have ever looked when they’re switched off. With Australian houses being increasingly open plan, having a TV that looks good from the back as well as from the front is more important than ever. While there are plenty of TVs out there that don’t have any attention paid to how they look from behind, QLED screens have a modern but understated design on the rear panel. Most importantly, though, they have a clean layout with ports hidden away and a single combined power and data cable that hides everything away in your entertainment unit below. And you can use your QLED TRV’s One Remote to control other connected devices too.

A TV That Brings All The Entertainment To You

A few years ago, if you wanted to watch anything other than free-to-air TV you’d have to get up, find a DVD, put it in the player, switch channels and then trawl through menus. Not any more. The Smart Hub on Samsung’s QLED TVs are more refined than it’s ever been, and gives you direct access to your home entertainment without needing any other devices connected. You’ve got direct access to Stan, Netflix, Foxtel Play and other on-demand and catch-up TV and movies services including ABC iView and SBS On Demand. All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to go — which is easy, since QLED TVs has super-fast, long-range Wi-Fi built in.

4K streaming is possible too, so you can watch the latest shows in the highest possible quality. If you want to hook up an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, a games console or another device to your QLED, Samsung’s One Connect box — with all the digital inputs and USB ports you could ask for — lives hidden away in your entertainment unit for extra convenience. You can navigate it all through the one Samsung remote control, too, getting rid of any superfluous extra remotes that used to clutter up your couch and living room. Even if you have older gadgets plugged in, a smart setup assistant that lives on the QLED TV guides you through the process of getting everything working together from the start.

A Simple All-In-One Screen, But With Room To Grow

A TV’s picture has to be backed up with good sound, and Samsung’s QLED TVs have the expertise in audio design that comes from being a pioneer in super-thin screens. It’s possible — but difficult — to make thin and stylish screens that can still produce loud, detailed audio with a full range of sound for movies and TV shows and music, and Samsung has its best technology yet in the new QLED panels. Downward-firing speakers are specially positioned to project audio forwards by reflecting it off your entertainment unit or the wall your TV is mounted on, so you still get a full range of sound with a clean, slim-looking TV screen.

If you want to supercharge your new QLED TV’s sound, though, Samsung has options that match whatever screen you buy — whether it’s flat or curved. The Series 9 HW-K950 Dolby Atmos soundbar is actually built to suit Samsung’s QLED TV stands, too — it has specialised rubber pads that will sit against your new screen’s chrome feet and lay flush against it, so it’s still a one-piece home theatre setup with no complicated wiring. That soundbar’s wireless subwoofer and wireless rear speakers are great for immersive movie sound, and they won’t get in the way of your home decor.