What 'Logan' Did, That No Other Comic Book Movie Ever Has

Video: Logan was a beautiful, brilliant, heart-wrenching film that sucker-punched us in the feels like no other X-Men film ever has. If you don't agree, that's fine. it's okay to be wrong.

Get the tissues ready, because our favourite Mikey Neumann has broken down in spectacular fashion the sheer artistry of Wolverine's farewell.

Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers, go watch the movie already, spoilers.

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    While I did really like the movie it has to be said that in order to tell it's story Logan dumped on the X-Men Mythos in the worst way. The X-Men have always been about optimism and hope right from the beginning, about over coming prejudice. Logan told it's story by saying that the dream failed, that the X-Men failed in their mission, that prejudice won.

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    great up until and the kids at the end with the super powers, kind of diminished logan and the lonely sad child relationship. she has heaps of friends. It was a very personal story, should have kept it narrow

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