Watch SpaceX Launch 10 Satellites Into Orbit

Watch SpaceX Launch 10 Satellites Into Orbit

Image: SpaceX via Flickr

Little by little, SpaceX manages to break new ground for itself with each successive launch. Today, Elon Musk’s aerospace startup will attempt to launch its second rocket within 48 hours. The launch window opens at 4:24PM EST and you can see it right here.

Friday’s launch successfully sent a Bulgarian communications satellite into orbit on a used Falcon 9 rocket. Once again, the booster was able to safely land after reentry. “Rocket is extra toasty and hit the deck hard (used almost all of the emergency crush core), but otherwise good,” Musk tweeted.

Though it seems like SpaceX is getting the hang of this launch-and-land thing, there are no guarantees. Today’s Falcon 9 rocket is new and will use redesigned grid fins. Last night, Musk tweeted it will be, “flying with larger & significantly upgraded hypersonic grid fins. Single piece cast & cut titanium. Can take reentry heat with no shielding.”

That could mean that everything is even more likely to go well, or it could mean more opportunity for a screw up. Either way, you get a disaster or something really inspiring.

Watch it with us live.