Uber Australia Under Investigation For Alleged Dodgy Driver Conditions

Uber Australia Under Investigation For Alleged Dodgy Driver Conditions

The Fair Work Ombudsmen is currently looking at Uber’s workplace relations practices to see if the ride sharing company is complying with Australian law for its drivers.

The investigation was confirmed by the Fair Work Ombudsmen to Business Insider on Wednesday evening.

Uber drivers in Australia, or “partner drivers” are contractors as opposed to employees, but – unlike regular contractors under Australian law – are not able to negotiate working conditions or pay. A number of ride-sharing associations have spoken out against the treatment, and RideShare Drivers United are urging drivers to come forward and give evidence to the Ombudsmen.

Members of the lobby group met with staff from the Ombudsman’s office in Melbourne two weeks ago, and an investigation was launched this month after months of campaigning.

“The RSDU has more than 1000 registered members all over the country and as you know drivers are not happy,” a spojesperson for RSDU said. “We are wrongly being classified as contractors while drivers cannot really grow their business, don’t have access to customers, have no say over the fare pricing. [Uber] classify drivers as self-employed just so they can underpay workers and flood the streets with drivers. The workforce is cheap when one doesn’t have to pay fair work entitlements,” said a RSDU spokesman.

RSDU says it’s not good for the country and will create a lot more poverty, calling the profit UberX drivers take home “ridiculous.”

“More than 60,000 Australian driver-partners choose to drive using the Uber app because they like to set their own schedule and be their own boss,” A spokesperson from Uber said in a statement. “We will be happy to assist the Fair Work Ombudsman with any questions they may have.”