Toshiba’s New Printer Is Also An Eraser

Toshiba’s New Printer Is Also An Eraser

So here’s something I thought I’d never say – this is a seriously cool printer. Toshiba has released its second-generation erasable toner printer, the e-STUDIO4508LP. Yep. Erasable.

Basically it lets you re-use paper – up to five times.

According to Toshiba, assuming you uses a sheet of paper five times, and you print 4,000 erasable pages per month, they can save 80 per cent of your paper usage. And this means that after five years you’ll have saved almost 200,000 sheets of paper. So in other words, the same amount of paper which you would usually use in one year, will now last five years.

It’s got all the usual high-end printer bells and whistles along with standard print, scan, copy, fax functions. But also an erase function. It can do this because it prints with erasable blue toner, which can be used on temporary documents like e-mails or drafts. When you’ve finished with a document, it can then be fed back into the printer where the toner will be removed, allowing the blank paper to be reused again.


“Toshiba has recognised that staff are more environmentally conscious, but with productivity pressures, need to be able to print quickly and effortlessly without the need to be away from their desks for too long,” Says Bret Davies, General Manager Toshiba Australia and New Zealand in the Toshiba Electronic Imaging Division.

“Combining the erasable printing technology into one device makes this unique technology more accessible to businesses and gives users time saving benefits, particularly in smaller offices that often have space constraints.”

By combining the technology with a standard monochrome multi-function printer, you have the option to print on reusable paper and erase the toner from one standalone multifunctional device, which not only saves valuable working time but helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

Just the specs, please

  • Combined print, scan, copy, fax and erasable print functions
  • Dual scan document feed that holds 300 sheets while processing documents at a speed of up to 240 images per minute
  • Optional printing in monochrome or blue toner
  • Cloud and mobile printing
  • Optional e-STUDIO RD301 erase unit for fast erasing up to 30ppm and sorting non-reusable from reusable paper
  • E-BRIDGE technology for seamless integration into an existing IT infrastructure
  • Self-encrypting secu