These New Wizard Of Oz Posters Are Trippy As Hell

Nearly eight decades since its release, The Wizard of Oz is still a movie that delights audiences of every age. And we do mean every age. Sure, it works for adults who grew up with it and kids who are just being introduced to it, but it also has qualities that make it work in those combative middle years too.

The Wizard of Oz by James Eads. All Images: Dark Hall

Mainly, the fact that it can be insanely weird, trippy and scary, which is exactly what artist James Eads went for with his two new posters for the film. Check them out.

Besides being colourful, trippy and cool, Eads worked references from the film into every corner of the poster. Some of them you won’t even see right away. (Like, for example, do you see the Wicked Witch in the tree on the right?)

These posters, the above regular and below variant, are being released by Dark Hall Mansion at 5:30AM on Wednesday June 28. It’s a 46 x 61cm poster in four editions: Regular, variant and then foil editions of each. Size runs vary. Visit this site for more.