There’s A Hotel In Milan With 24-Karat Gold Bedsheets

There’s A Hotel In Milan With 24-Karat Gold Bedsheets

Stolen bed sheets are part and parcel of running a hotel business. Somehow I reckon Milan’s TownHouse Galleria would be extra put-out by people pilfering its linen, mainly because it isn’t linen, but gold. Woven 24-karat gold, to be precise.

The hotel’s page for its shiny sheets extols the benefits of gold — durability, scarcity and malleability — none of which have anything to do with getting a better night’s rest.

The page also comes packed with info on how the sheets came to be:

The 24 Carat Gold Sheets have been conceived by Alessandro Rosso Dubai, designed by Federico Buccellati and made by Piana Clerico 1582. Sheets are made of a fabric woven with 24 Carat Gold (40%) and the most precious silk yarns. The parure includes one bottom sheet, four pillowcases, and one duvet cover.

It you do want a set and don’t want to have to deal with the 24-hour security “outside the Suite [that] will ensure guest privacy”, you can grab your own for €200,000 ($293,878).

Uh, given the choice, I’m going to go with Scrooge McDuck’s tower of money instead, thanks. At least you can swim in that.

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