There’s A DeLorean Up For Auction In Tasmania

There’s A DeLorean Up For Auction In Tasmania

Have you always wanted to own a bit of Back to the Future? Or do you have a keen interest in particularly niche American carmakers with sordid histories? Well, here’s the car for you: a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12, up for Auction on the Apple Isle.

This early DMC-12 is a 5-speed manual — far more in demand than the apparently terrible 3-speed auto. Despite its uninspired 2.8-litre V6, the Irish-built DeLorean gained fame in the Back to the Future flicks, and has been a target for movie buff collectors in the years since.

Spotted by The Mercury, this particular DeLorean is just one car in a set of of classics going under the Tullochs Actions hammer on July 22. It was imported, the auctioneers say, from Colorado around four or five years ago.

From Tullochs’ auction listing page:

A conversation starter for sure, we are very pleased to present this rare early “gas flap hood” Delorean DMC12 coupe. It has all books, receipts, service history and a full factory workshop manual. The K-jetronic fuel injection has been fully rebuilt. It is all original and even comes with a few genuine DMC spare parts. The car was originally sold new in Beverly Hills but has been registered in Tasmania and all relevant paperwork is available. With stainless steel body, power windows, power mirrors, central locking and leather seats it was ahead of it’s time to say the least. Here is a rare chance to own a truly iconic piece of machinery.

Tullochs thinks it could go for up to $60,000, although expectations are for bids in the $30,000 range — at least to start. [The Mercury]