The Sexless Rubbermen Are Back, And They’re Hungry

Video: After nearly four years, David Lewandowski has created a new entry in his highly successful rubbermen videos. Now they’re hungry.

Back in 2011, Lewandowski scored a hit with a short video titled “Going to the Store”, in which one impossibly flexible, sexless computerised humanoid traipsed through real world footage — like a Marty Cooper video, only 3D.

Twenty seven million views and two years later, he followed it up with “Late for Meeting”, which racked up even more hits and acclaim — and introduced us to the idea of a rubber man driving an upside down car with his arse. God, these are good.

Today, out of the blue, the rubbermen videos become a trilogy with a clip called “Time for Sushi”. Welcome your new baby brother(s), because these Stretch Armstrong-style creatures born and raised deep in the uncanny valley have multiplied at an alarming rate.