Stunning Timelapse Of Rolling Clouds Looks Like Someone Flipped The Ocean Upside Down

Video: He's been chasing storms for eight years, but filmmaker Mike Olbinski called this event — a sunset that blasted a rare display of rolling undulatus asperatus clouds with an amazing lightshow of colours — "one of the most incredible scenes [he's] witnessed". The resulting 4K timelapse is one you're going to want to watch in fullscreen.

GIF: Vimeo

GIF: Vimeo

Were you to lay on your back and watch these clouds — captured in land-locked North Dakota — upside down (or just flip the footage) you'd be hard pressed to distinguish them from the swelling waves of the ocean during a storm. We recommend firing up the biggest monitor you can find, putting on some trippy music, and letting the cloud-waves roll over you.


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