So, Who Won Our Logan Competition?

So, Who Won Our Logan Competition?

Over the last couple of days, we’ve been giving you the chance to win a genuine prop from the set of Logan — Laura/X-23’s sunglasses, along with a bunch of cool merch.

So, who won?

Win! X-23's Sunglasses From 'Logan' (And Other Cool Stuff)

Logan is coming out on 4K Blu-ray and digital download this week, and to celebrate, we've got one of our most unconventional giveaways yet.

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Our lucky winner is:


Magneto: Nazi Hunter. Cold-blooded, revenge seeking, Fassbender tracks down Nazis across post-war Europe. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy with mutants. Villian – Omega Red

And here are four highly commended other entries — you don’t win anything, sorry, but your answers were awesome! So, congrats anyway.

FrancisMcK: Abdul Qamar (Arabian Knight) dead since the 90s, mysteriously returns to a very different Middle-East in 2017. Who brought him back, is the modern world ready for a Muslim superhero and whose hero is he…?

maximum_hue: Batgirl! Barbara’s photographic memory meant she was unable to forget what the Joker did to her. Nevertheless as Oracle she battled on before eventual recovery.

sammyg94: Swamp Thing! This dank, fungal, grieving, bog-drenched winged powerhouse is the guardian that Earth needs, a tale of tragedy meets Jekyll and Hyde.

Tmeeka Henricks: I’d like to see Captain America given a Loganesque makeover, what would he look and act like in 30 years time, how does he manage his aging, what does he truly think of America as it is today compared to how it was…

Yellow123, we’ll be in touch to send out your prize!

Thanks for entering, guys!

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Logan: The Australian Review

It’s unfair to compare Logan to past X-films. Logan is a different country. While the X-films, and indeed most superhero films, portray their protagonists at their arsekicking peak, Logan is what happens when time marches on and reality ensues. Bodies break down. Regrets accumulate.

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