As the internet’s preeminent archive of loud, naked people so often does, Pornhub reminded the world this week that, yes, they’re logging all the weird crap we look at to get our kicks. This time, the porn site released a cheerful infographic mapping out America’s most frequently misspelled pornographic search terms by state.

According to Pornhub, its insights team created the image at Mashable‘s behest in response to the US president’s cryptic “covfefe” tweet — and not, thankfully, in honour of this week’s ongoing Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Image: Pornhub

Image: Pornhub

One-handed typing explains away “wbony”, “carton” and “mifl”. A floundering education system accounts for “compliation” and “amaturr”. Those are all things that, if spelled correctly, a person might conceivably search for on a porn site.

But there’s one term I just can’t make sense of.

Someone sat down and searched “porn” — on a porn site — and managed to spell it wrong. Then hundreds of thousands of other people did the exact same thing, because “porm” is the most-misspelled word in 15 states, including highly-populated ones like New York and California. The correct spelling is literally in the name of the website you were on.

Let’s take a look at these absolute space aliens one more time:


We should all be ashamed.