Listen To A Heroic Sampling From The Spider-Man: Homecoming Score

Video: A six-minute Spider-Man: Homecoming suite from Michael Giacchino’s score is now online, and it provides audio evidence we have a lot to get excited about when Spidey comes back to the big screen.

Spider-Man Homecoming opens July 6. Image: Sony

The arrangement of music is a sampling from Giacchino’s score and is the last track on the soundtrack. In it you get some soft, subtle accompaniment as well as some big, boisterous sounds. You can almost see the web-slinger flying around in your head listening to the score. Check it out.

We’ll have much more on Spider-Man: Homecoming as we approach its July 6 release date. For now, replay that soundtrack and read about our previous visit to the set.

[YouTube via Playlist]