Kogan Is Offering NBN Next Year

Kogan Is Offering NBN Next Year

As well as announcing an extension of its deal with Vodafone until 2022, Kogan revealed this week it will be offering NBN services as of next year.

The fixed-line NBN services, launching in 2018, will be offered in addition to mobile broadband plans later this year. Kogan Mobile contributed 4.2 per cent of Kogan’s gross profit in the final six months of last year, contributing to 50 per cent increase in gross profit in the final quarter. Basically, business is good for Kogan right now.

Under the agreement with Vodafone, the official announcement tells the story:

Kogan will continue providing branding and marketing services for competitively-priced mobile plans, and commence offering competitively priced mobile broadband plans and NBN plans on the Vodafone fixed-line NBN network. Vodafone will provide network and customer service support and will also provide marketing incentives for the launch of the Kogan fixed-line services.

We won’t know specifics of the NBN plan details until closer to the 2018 laucnh date, unfortunately – but you can register your interest for now.