Kirk And Crew Join The Star Trek VR Game With ‘Let’s Play’ Cartoon Mashup

Video: Star Trek: Bridge Crew may not have Kirk, Spock, Uhura or Sulu… oh wait, scratch that. They do now! YouTuber Corvine: Games has taken clips from Eurogamer’s Bridge Crew “Let’s Play” and paired it with footage from the original animated series… giving us an adventure fitting a captain.

Corvine: Games started the series last month, with the latest episode released this weekend. The short clips bring to light the game’s coolest feature — mainly how well it makes players interact with each other, which is awesomely fun when you’re playing with friends and somewhat inspiring when you’re collaborating with strangers.

You can check out the series below. In that same vein, I would totally love to see some of Kotaku’s awesome Bridge Crew gameplay (where Mike Fahey played with total strangers) get a similar treatment. Perhaps some The Next Generation vibes? Internet, the spaceball’s in your court.