If Amazon Echo's Alex Was Actually Alex Jones From Info Wars

VIDEO: She's usually just 'Alexa'. What if she was Alex Jones from Infowars?

This is amazing.

The part about being a morning person. Oh my dear God.


    You know whats hilarious about Alex Jones

    He had to admit in a US Courtroom that his show is an act and that he does not actually believe in the stuff he says because his wife was using his on air actions to justify him loosing custody of his kids.

    So essentially the guy is an actor. And all the people who believe him are gullible morons.

      Except it's even more delicious that that - he only had to say he was acting as a legal defence - meaning he actually does believe the batshit things he says, and his audience are still gullible morons. He's trying to have it both ways.

    hes totally legitimate, i was having a few beers with some extraterrestrials the other night and they confirmed it.

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