Help Us Figure Out Who These 16 New Characters Are Going To Be In X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Help Us Figure Out Who These 16 New Characters Are Going To Be In X-Men: Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is coming to theatres next year, and while we’ve known that certain mutants such as Professor Xavier, Storm and Magneto are definitely coming back, a newly-posted casting call hints at 16 new characters we can expect to see. Some are easy to figure out. Others, not so much. Let’s discuss.


The casting call reported by The Hashtag Show features a broad range of characters open to men and women from a variety of backgrounds. Judging from the names and descriptions listed on the call, we’re fairly confident that we can guess at least five people to appear in the movie.

“Hiroshi” (Sunfire)

Listed as a lead character, Hiroshi’s described as a “brash Tokyo punk kid with an attitude” who’s able to command attention and is always ready to fight. Fox is said to be looking for an actor of Japanese descent to play him and they’re open to him having a British accent. It’s pretty safe to say that this guy’s going to be Sunfire.

For starters, there are only a handful of well-known Japanese mutants in Marvel’s comics. There’s also the fact that Sunfire’s canonical power to absorb solar radiation and channel it into blasts of plasma could make a solid match to the Phoenix’s fiery abilities. (Mind you, there’s a solid chance this Phoenix might not be a cosmic firebird.) Not to mention, Dark Phoenix‘s working title was at one point “Supernova”, which could be a nod to Phoenix and Sunfire duking it out in the sky.

“Brittany” (Dazzler)

A supporting character, Brittany is described as being a born entertainer with a bit of a fiery edge to her. The key detail here is that actresses with strong singing skills are being sought after, but singing isn’t mandatory. Aside from Dazzler, how many mutant popstars can you name off the top of your head?

Also, given that Dark Phoenix is going to take place in the ’90s, “Brittany” could very well be a nod to Britney Spears.

“Scarlet” (Monet)

Scarlet isn’t immediately recognisable as any one specific character, but Fox’s desire to find an athletic actress of any ethnicity who has “major dance, parkour, gymnastics, or martial arts training” and isn’t afraid to do harness work (read: Flying) makes Monet seem like a solid bet.

“Marie” (Rogue)

Perhaps the most obvious of the characters listed, Marie is a little girl with a very, very old soul. Fox is looking to cast Marie around six years old, but the actress who will play her “MUST be able to show a wide array of emotions with ease”. Given her age and that she’s going to be a supporting character and that her name’s Marie, it’s safe to assume that this will be Rogue. This is just me spitballing here, but if Scarlet is in fact Monet, and Marie happens to drain her of her powers, it could make for a nice little workaround to Fox’s Rogue/Carol Danvers problem.

The other 12 roles listed in the casting call are all aggressively vague so as to keep people guessing about the film’s plot. We couldn’t quite parse who all they’re supposed to be, but maybe you can help us figure them out. Let’s hear it, folks. Who are these people?

[SHANE] Male, 16, actor must be an adult (18 or over or legally emancipated minor), Caucasian. A cocky, handsome kid with swagger. He is strong and doesn’t back down easily, so he can come off as an insensitive bully at times… LEAD

[COLIN] Male, 16, actor must be an adult (18 or over or legally emancipated minor), Caucasian. Handsome, but not arrogant. Always willing to help a friend in need no matter what it costs him. Although he is sensitive, he is not a pushover and will stand up for what he believes… LEAD

[PRESIDENT ANDERSON] Male or Female, 50s-60s, open to all ethnicities. A powerful, strong and positive leader with a commanding presence and voice. An honest leader and good role model, they are truly committed to making the world a better place. When pushed, they know they must make difficult decisions to keep the people safe… SUPPORTING

[REDMOND] Male, 50s-Early 60s, open to all ethnicities. An affluent, big, stocky, ruddy American. Not necessarily fit, just physically imposing. Powerful, arrogant and blunt, Redmond is not used to being challenged and steamrolls anyone who opposes him… SUPPORTING

[LUCCA] Male, 40s-50s. Brazilian. Ruthless and cunning, will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Must be able to speak English fluently, but can have an accent… SUPPORTING

[JACK] Male, Late 40s-Early 50s, British, open to all ethnicities. Handsome, charismatic and masculine. Jack is very self assured, almost cocky, but too cool to show it. Even in the most tense situations, he never shows fear… SUPPORTING

[LUNA] Female, Mid-Late 20s, open to all ethnicities. Beautiful, could possibly have a severe look. Luna is intense and exudes a sense of power. Although she is a commanding presence, she is also slightly unhinged… SUPPORTING

[WILLIAM] Male, Early 50s, Caucasian. A grounded, earnest middle-aged man. William carries a heaviness and a deep sense of sadness with him… SUPPORTING

[DR. CLARK] Female, 40s-60s, open to all ethnicities. Grounded and professional, she specialises in working with children. Dr. Clark has years of experience, and it takes a lot to disturb her… SUPPORTING

[CHARLOTTE] Female, Early-Mid 30s, Caucasian. A caring, warm mother. Charlotte can be stern at times, but she just wants what is best for her child… SUPPORTING

[HAMILTON] Male, 12 years old, open to all ethnicities. Chubby, sweet, innocent and genuine. Although he frequently gets picked on, he never lets it get to him… SUPPORTING

[HOOVER] Male. 30s-40s. Open to all ethnicities. A man with a very strong presence, Hoover is an incredibly smart and ultra serious intelligence officer. SUPPORTING