He-Man And Barbie Star In A New Mattel Art Tribute Show

So many of us grew up with Mattel toys — and now, as adults, that nostalgia is still part of us. Enter Gallery 1988, which holds annual art shows featuring works in all mediums based on Mattel's most popular brands. Time to bring that childhood back.

A crop of a Barbie art piece by Leilani Joy. All Images: Gallery 1988

The latest show opens this Friday in Los Angeles, but we have a few pieces to preview if you can't make it. And obviously, the show has a heavy He-Man and Barbie lean, since those are two of Mattel's most recognisable properties. But they aren't the only toys that provided artistic inspiration, as you'll see.

Art by Leilani Joy

Art by Cuddly Rigour Mortis

Art by Cuyler Smith

Art by Matt Ritchie

Art by Roland Tamayo

Art by Mab Graves

Art by Lou Pimentel

Art by Jesse Riggle

Art by Dan Mumford

Art by Kiersten Essenpreis

The exhibit opens at 7PM on June 23; Gallery 1988's address is 7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, California. Click here for more info.

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