Happy Death Day Looks Like Groundhog Day Meets Scream

Happy Death Day Looks Like Groundhog Day Meets Scream

Video: A university student is forced to live the same day over and over again. The catch is that it’s the day that she’s murdered, and she’s stuck in her loop until she figures out the identity of the masked person who keeps killing her. Welcome to Happy Death Day.

Jessica Rothe is running from a giant baby in Happy Death Day. Image: Universal

Directed by Christopher Landon, the film opens October 12 and the trailer looks excellent. Check it out.

As a fan of Groundhog Day as well as slasher horror films, I find this movie is very intriguing. It takes a familiar genre (horror) and fits it into a structure (day repetition) unique to that genre, hopefully making something fresh and new.

As for the trailer itself, one thing I don’t like is that it seems to already drop some major hints to the killer’s identity. This is the first trailer! It’s a great concept, do we really need to start trying to spoil stuff? Hopefully this is just a red herring. On the other hand, I do like that it hints at consequences the lead character, played by Jessica Rothe, faces for living and reliving this day. Imagine if Phil Connors had snowballing internal issues in Groundhog Day? It would have been a very different movie.

Oh, and I really like the mask chosen for the killer. Being chased by a giant baby is absolutely terrifying.

Happy Death Day opens October 12.