Freeview Just Got A Shiny New Upgrade

Freeview Just Got A Shiny New Upgrade

Freeview Plus is here, with a new look. They say it’s easier to use than ever, and there’s some new features, too.

The new interface design has image-based browsing, and “My TV” which lets you scroll through image-based carousels with personalised recommendations and your favourites – along with the usual live TV, catch up and genre-based browsing.

There’s also a new guide (that Freeview says is easier to use) with backwards navigation to catch-up content, and a simplified “Mini Guide” to find programs faster.

“The Freeview Plus upgrade is a significant one and we are excited to deliver the next level in content discovery and choice for Australia’s free-to-air TV programming,” said Freeview CEO Elizabeth Ross.

“Australian broadcasters are truly leading the world in innovation and providing a complete TV experience. With this upgrade and our recently launched Freeview FV mobile app, viewers not only have great convenience but also a fantastic choice of how, when and where they watch their favourite content – for free.”

The new Freeview Plus is now available through all Freeview Plus-enabled television receivers, set-top boxes (STB) or personal video recorders. There are now 12 manufacturers including all of the top five providing fully certified Freeview Plus receivers into the market.

More than 85 per cent of all smart televisions carry Freeview Plus.