Exclusive: Elon Musk Explains Lusty Floor Tweets

Exclusive: Elon Musk Explains Lusty Floor Tweets

Image: AP/Gizmodo

Yesterday was SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s birthday. But instead of getting some loving from his beautiful girlfriend or perhaps one of his fancy cars (they can do that now, right?), Musk apparently decided to pop a few Ambien and craft a love poem to the floor.

You see, last night, he sent the following nuggets out into the world:

Together, the tweets formed a kind of poem, an ode to the thing he walks all over (not his workers):

I love floors
They will never let you down
They are so underappreciated
Not as much as tunnels though
Just try one. It’s way better than you think.
And I don’t care who knows it. Our love will never die.

Those six little notes were seemingly the end — until around 2pm today, when this tweet appeared:

A Michael Jackson reference? A subtweet? Will there be more floor tweets? Who knows. When we reached out to Musk via Twitter DM to ask, he sent us the following response:

Well, that settles it, I guess.