Edifier's Shiny New/Old Speakers: Australian Price And Availability

Image: Edifer

Edifier has "revitalized" its classic R1000TCN speakers with the new R1010BT, and the end result is a compact set of speakers promising high-quality audio performance at a fraction of the price of its usual offerings.

The have Bluetooth (you can connected to two devices at the same time), RCA or 3.5mm Aux connection options, there's a built amplifier so you won't need a separate amplifier/receiver, and there are classic-style bass and volume dials.

The R1010BT speakers are compact, designed for smaller spaces, have a classic wood grain finish and contrasting silver-coloured panels. Shiny indeed.

The 15mm thick MDF (medium-density fibreboard) enclosures promise to reduce unwanted, extraneous energy and vibration, and the dome tweeters promise smooth, articulate highs with ceramic-paper cone drivers promising powerful bass.

We'll give them a try for you and see how they go. Keep an eye out for our review.

You can get them now from Scorptec, PLE, Wireless 1 and mWave for $99.95.

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