Dude Found A Kitten Stuck Inside His Tesla

Image: iStock

But don't worry, this story has a happy ending.

Okay, so this is pretty incredible. A guy (YouTube user 'S U') heard a meowing noise coming from his car. Not what you normally hear from a car, let alone a Tesla Model X.

Eventually he located the source of the meowing.

The kitten was inside the rear bumper of the Model X. No way to get inside. How did it get there to begin with? No effin' idea.

Anyway, this is the best part. 'S D' took the Model X to the Tesla service centre and they managed to get the kitten out of there. He estimates the kitten had been in there for 14 hours, which is pretty sketchy.

Apparently one of the folks at the service centre has adopted the kitten, which is almost taking this 'good news story' too far.

Lucky I don't like cats. If this was a puppy I'd be bawling my eyes out right now.



    Poor little guy. Good to hear that said kitty was removed and re-homed.

    The ginger pattern on the moggy reminds me of my family's first cat.

    Would have been funny if it had turned out to be one of those meowing frogs.

      You good sir need to win some kind of prize for perfecly placed statements, I saw this and burst out laughing for a moment, everyone was looking at me, haha XD

    "Lucky I don't like cats" yeah cause real men don't like cats, lets go high 5 each other and talk about banging chicks.

      High 5 each other and talk about pussy? Sounds like double standards to me... Do they like cats or not?! Can't we just get a straight answer?!

        I think a lot are overcompensating and really they like the feline variety more than the human type.

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