Corsair Wants To Light Up Your Life

Image: Corsair

There hasn't been a single over-arching theme at Computex this year; unlike last year's massive VR focus, 2017 is a bit of everything from high-end peripherals to affordable gaming rigs. Corsair is taking the opportunity to introduce a heap of new gadgets, all with one thing — they'll light up all fancy like.

Everything at Corsair's demo was centred around its 'SYNC IT' theme, and the central display showed off a PC stuffed to the gills with Corsair components, with synchronisation between every single peripheral and in-case lighting system. Through Corsair's Link system and an internal USB header on any compatible motherboard, case and fan lighting and even the company's own light-up watercooling pumps will react in sync with a mouse, mousepad, keyboard and headset from Corsair's range. And, we have to be honest, it looks bloody cool:

The quiet achiever of Corsair's Computex haul, though, is the Concept Zeus — a mousepad (with integrated lighting, natch) that has a built-in Qi wireless charging pad in its upper right corner. You could use that to recharge the wireless gaming mouse that Corsair was demonstrating with it, or a Qi-friendly Android phone. If you don't have one of those phones, Corsair was also demonstrating a dongle that plugs into your phone's microUSB port — or Lightning for wireless-charge-less Apple fans — and gives it temporary inductive charging capability. It'll be out later this year.

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