Can't Be Sure, But I Think EB Games Is Having A Sale

I can't be sure. I mean it's hard to tell from a distance.

But yeah... I think EB Games is having a sale.

I spotted this yesterday, at Parramatta Westfield, but it appears like this is a country-wide phenomenon.

This one has a giraffe (or is it an elephant) and some tasteful drapes.

New Zealand has been getting in on the act. I spotted this bad boy on Reddit yesterday under the tagline "Calm down EB Games".

Of course, EB has long been known for its insanely obnoxious sales banners. I heard from a previous employee that instructions from management are usually "the messier the better". They have to know that people are posting this, tweeting this. They have to be in on the joke.

Am I just part of the EB Sale Industrial Military Complex?

I think so.

Also: never forget.

"Yolo Swag Sale". All-time.

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