Brazen Thief Uses Backhoe In Attempted ATM Burglary

Brazen Thief Uses Backhoe In Attempted ATM Burglary

Video: Here’s the thing about ATMs: The machines are designed to take a pretty severe beating and still leave the box of cash out of a would-be thief’s reach. A Maryland man recently learned this lesson the hard way when he stole a backhoe, drove it 8km, and then attempted to excavate some cash out of an ATM. It didn’t work out so well.

Police in Prince George’s County just released surveillance camera footage of the suspect pulling up to what appears to be a Bank of America in the stolen digger. He then stabilises the backhoe and gets to work on the ATM. (Something tells me this guy’s used one before.) As you might expect from a piece of heavy machinery, the backhoe beats the crap out of the ATM. The guy just couldn’t get that money, though.

“He used the bucket to peel away the ATM’s outer wrapping … it was unsuccessful,” Prince George’s County Police Lt Dave Coleman told the press. “He was not able to get any money out of the ATM but he caused about $10,000 [$AU13,244] worth of damage.”

The suspect remains at large, which is basically incredible given the level of stupidity required to rip apart an ATM surrounded by cameras with a stolen, bright yellow backhoe. Then again, he might just be dumb enough to try it again.