Aston Martin’s All-Electric RapidE Is Finally Official

Aston Martin’s All-Electric RapidE Is Finally Official
Images: Aston Martin

Two years ago, Aston Martin teased a road-going all-electric version of its inimitable grand tourer called the RapidE. Based on the four-door Rapide, the RapidE will swap a 6.0-litre V12 for an all-electric powertrain, and it’ll enter production in 2019. Any more information is sketchy, but if you’re that especially cashed-up greenie who’s always wanted an electric Aston Martin, this is the first one ever.

The RapidE’s electric drivetrain — whether it’s a single or dual electric motor setup, and the size of its battery pack — will be “revealed in due course”, but Aston says that electric’s instantaneous torque means the car will have “a unique driving experience of a kind not experienced before in an Aston Martin”.

There’ll only be 155 of Aston Martin’s electric four-door sports car produced, which means they’re either all already spoken for or will be very soon. It’ll be based on the recently introduced Rapide AMR, one of two concept cars launched in March as the flagships of the new Aston Martin Racing road-going hypercar

Until we hear more about the RapidE as it inches closer to reality, feast your eyes on these concept sketches of what the electric Aston could look like.


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