Artist Creates Amazing Portrait Of Batman And Two-Face Using Gunpowder, Sand And Fire

Video: Harvey Dent’s fiery passion for justice and the law was what made him such an excellent district attorney before an accident warped his morality and transformed him into Two-Face. Norwegian tattoo artist Dino Tomic has created an awesome portrait of Batman and his foe that, when set aflame, also tells a short, but thoughtful story about the pair.

Dino Tomic

Tonic created the art using nothing but textas, black sand, and some strategically styled gunpowder, which is then set aflame. As Dent’s face burns, the sand on Batman’s face shields his half of the illustration from damage. Once the flame goes out and the black sand is wiped away, though, it’s revealed that underneath Batman’s mask is the unburnt Dent — a subtle nod to the fact that at one point in time, Dent really was trying to do the right thing.

Check out the blazing reveal below: