Amazon Now Has Every Issue Of Omni, The Sci-Fi ‘Magazine Of The Future’

Amazon Now Has Every Issue Of Omni, The Sci-Fi ‘Magazine Of The Future’

Omni Magazine, one of the most iconic science fiction publications in history, is back. Jerrick Media has released the entire 200-issue archive on Amazon, with select proceeds going to help the Museum of Science Fiction.

Founded in 1978 (not-so-coincidentally one year after Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope came out), Omni Magazine was a mainstay publication in science, innovation, and speculative fiction. It introduced works from authors like George RR Martin, Orson Scott Card, Joyce Carol Oates, Isaac Asimov, and Stephen King — who debuted a selection from Firestarter in one of the issues.

The magazine abruptly shut down in 1995, shortly after the death of co-creator Kathy Keeton (who started the magazine with her husband, Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione). Issues of Omni were available on Internet Archive for a while, including during the failed attempt to reboot the magazine in 2013, but they were removed in 2015 — presumably to prepare for the Amazon release.

Unlike Internet Archive, accessing the high-resolution issues on Amazon isn’t free. Each issue costs $US3 ($4) — except for those with Kindle Unlimited, who can read all of them for free.

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