All The Ways You Can Use A Portable Battery Powered Projector

All The Ways You Can Use A Portable Battery Powered Projector
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Screens are great. They are a visual gateway into the primary forms of entertainment that modern society indulge in. But as they become larger and sleeker, their mobility is an issue.

That’s where the ASUS P3B Projector can be your saviour. Whether you’re having a movie marathon, getting out of the city or attending a meeting, they have you covered for all your projection needs.

Viewing Parties

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Between Game of Thrones, season 2 of Stranger Things and the long-awaited return of Twin Peaks, 2017 is a huge year for cult TV events.

If your friends are anything like mine, a tonne of effort goes into the thematic food and costumes for these events.
What better way to upgrade your viewing parties further than projecting your favourite shows onto a big screen? With its 800-lumen LED light source, the ASUS P3B will ensure that the HD visuals look stunning.

Alternatively, treat yourself to a movie marathon that feels like a real cinema experience at home. You can Netflix and chill in style by projecting onto a blank wall, or even your ceiling.

Sporting Events

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Make the grand final an event by broadcasting every exciting second in your backyard. Not only does it create a great atmosphere over a beer and a sausage sizzle with your mates, it means that you don’t have to keep running back into the house to catch all the action.

And when summer rolls around again, you can use this bad boy to enjoy a relaxing afternoon of cricket, or perhaps a movie night by the pool.

Short on space? No problem. The P3B sports an ultra-short throw lens, measuring from 0.45m – 3.4m, so you can watch what you want in the quality it deserves.


Lightweight and small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, the P3B is the perfect for the tech-savvy camper. Simply Macguyver yourself a screen with a bed sheet, a rope and some trees and you have yourself an upgraded outdoors experience.

As an added bonus, it also doubles as a battery pack, so you can also use it to stay charged in the bush.

With three hours of battery life, you have plenty of time to unwind with a fun film or two — especially if you charge it up with a portable battery pack every day.

You may even want to be thematic with a nice camping or wilderness movie, like Wolf Creek or Deliverance.


What’s better than beating your mates at Mario Kart or Overwatch? Beating them on a large screen so their humiliation is ten-fold.

You can easily plug your PC or console into the ASUS P3B via HDMI, turning your gaming experience into a multiplayer spectator sport.

If you’re looking for something a little more casual and friendly, projection is also a great option for digital party games like the Jackbox Party Pack series. All you need is one controller — everyone else can use their phones. It’s simple, hilarious and way better on a big screen that everyone can see.


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The P3B has versatility beyond leisure time. It offers Wi-Fi projection for presentations, a PC-Free Office Viewer, as well as multimedia playback that can project videos, photos and music. This is the perfect way to spice up Monday morning meetings with hassle-free tech.

It can also project via HDMI, MHL, VGA, USB, microSD on via onboard storage. Basically, it has everything you need to show off a slick presentation. Or be That Person who shows of their holidays snaps to the family.

Alternatively, you could use these functions to stream music or YouTube wherever you want. I would recommend basically any Throwback Thursday playlist you find on Spotify.

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For more information on how you can level up your viewing experiences, visit the ASUS website.