20 T-Rexes Fighting 10,000 Chickens Is All I Ever Wanted In A Jurassic Park Sequel

Video: When The Lost World (the first sequel to Jurassic Park) came out, audiences weren’t really interested in another sermon on the risks of cloning. All we wanted was more dinosaurs, ideally fighting, which is what this CG simulation mostly delivers. After all, chickens are just tiny dinosaurs, right?

You might think that 20 of the most ferocious carnivores ever to walk the planet would be able to handily defeat a small army of chickens. But the surprising results of this simulation, courtesy of a PC game called Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, add credence to the old “strength in numbers” adage. It might also make you more anxious about visiting a chicken coop than an island theme park full of genetically-engineered behemoths.

[YouTube via Geekologie]