You Can Watch A Starcraft II Match On Your Next Emirates Flight

Image: iStock

That's right - ESL has announced a partnership with Emirates Airline that will see all passengers on every flight gaining access to on-demand eSports content through the Inflight Entertainment Systems.

The partnership is confirmed until June 2018.

"This inaugural partnership allows anyone traveling with Emirates to enjoy highlights from some of the biggest esports events in recent history," ESL says.

"Relive Na'Vi's immaculate run through the ESL One New York 2016 bracket. Catch up on the biggest plays, upsets and storylines from Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice 2017 - Astralis lifting their first ever Intel Extreme Masters trophy, TY's intense StarCraft II grand final match against Stats and Flash Wolves' success story in the League of Legends bracket."

ESL says the deal will include future stadium events as well, like ESL One Cologne.

Torsten Haux, VP of Global Media Rights at ESL, says he is always looking to increase the visibility of eSports and is happy to be working with Emirates on this first deal.


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