Will Robots Take Your Job?

Will Robots Take Your Job?

Robots are coming. Those goddamn robots. Will they enslave humanity and breed us in flesh farms for energy purposes? Probably not. Will they take our jerbs? Maybe.

This nifty little site allows you to search for your job and find out the likelihood of a goddamn metal machine stealing your job in the near future.

It’s called ‘Will Robots Take My Job’ and it answers that very question. I did a quick search for ‘Editor’ and it turns out there’s only a 5.5% chance of a robot taking my job. Probably a higher chance of some up-and-comer stealing my job with his fancy hair, clean shoes and go-getting attitude. Fuck you Jonno, go back to Swinbourne Uni where you belong.

The data comes from this report titled ‘The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?’

It was published in 2013, so I suspect it underplays how at risk certain jobs are. But hey, let’s feel good about ourselves for a while.