Why Samsung’s QLED Is The TV Tech You Need In Your Life

Why Samsung’s QLED Is The TV Tech You Need In Your Life

If your TV is getting old, it needs an upgrade — you and your living room deserve the best, right? You’ll be pleased to know that the TVs of 2017 are far advanced from the flickery old LCD and plasma screens of a few years ago. The new star on the block is QLED, a TV technology that gives you unrivalled picture quality no matter what you’re watching.

Samsung’s latest generation of quantum dot technology means a QLED TV can achieve 100 per cent colour volume with the images that they display, something that competitors are currently unable to boast. You might have heard about brightness and colour separately in the past, and with good reason: previously, as screens have become brighter, their ability to display colours accurately and vividly has decreased. With QLED, 100 per cent colour volume means that you get perfectly accurate and fully saturated colours from the darkest possible brightness level to the highest — and colour that looks amazing and lifelike for every step.

QLED quantum dots give Samsung’s TVs their best ever picture quality. Quantum dots refine the colours that are produced by an LCD panel and its backlight, making sure that each tiny pixel of a QLED TV’s super-high-resolution 4K panel displays either perfectly accurate and bright red, green or blue colour. The result is excellent contrast and detail no matter whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster movie, just regular digital TV or a streaming video from Stan, Netflix or Youtube.

High dynamic range, or HDR, is becoming more and more common in the Blu-rays we watch and the streaming video services we subscribe to. HDR is a technology that delivers a metadata stream along with video that tells your TV how bright or dark its backlight should be, and it’s fantastic — compared to standard video, a HDR stream can look incredibly vivid and have excellent detail in both shadows and bright parts of the screen as your TV’s backlight adjusts. No matter the quality of the HDR, though, it always needs a powerful TV with a bright and versatile backlight to shine, and that’s where QLED sets itself apart.

Samsung’s QLED screens are much brighter than competing technologies like OLED, and that means HDR video looks better in both shadow and highlight areas. It’s not just about the backlight, either — any kind of video can benefit from QLED’s quantum dot LED TV structure, since those quantum dots — and their excellent colour accuracy — are always there and always switched on. Combine that with a super-powerful image processor that can sharpen and add colour to any kind of content, whether it’s 4K or a lower resolution, and anything from a movie to YouTube to a video game, and you have a TV that can handle anything you throw at it.

Not only that, but QLED tech brings with it a host of benefits for the rest of your home theatre. Samsung’s QLED TVs include a completely seamless wall mount — it’s very different to the wall mount you might have used on your TV in the past, with all the hardware hooking up to the TV and then attaching to a small, unobtrusive plate that leaves virtually zero gap between the rear of the super-thin TV and your wall. A single thin cable and power cord runs from the TV to a break-out box that you can hide away in your home theatre, too — which means no unsightly cords hanging from behind your screen.

Image: Samsung