What Happens In Vegas Follows You Into The Desert And Tries To Eat You In This New Zombie Trailer

Video: It Stains the Sands Red is a zombie movie that seems to borrow a bit from It Follows — it's about a woman who can't shake the plodding pursuit of the undead new man in her life. But it's also set in the Nevada desert, lending a flashy danger to that region not seen since Nomi Malone hitchhiked into Vegas in Showgirls.

Image: Dark Sky

Here's the poster, followed by the trailer:

Directed by Colin Minihan (who co-directed Grave Encounters as part of the Vicious Brothers, and made Extraterrestrial under his own name), It Stains the Sands Red will be in US theatres this winter. An Australian release has not yet been announced.

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