We May Have An Answer About Which Side Elektra Will Take In The Defenders

Image: Netflix

We've known for a while that Elektra (Elodie Young) will be making an appearance on The Defenders, but exactly what that will mean for the show has been something of a mystery. A very short teaser released by Marvel and Netflix has a bit more of an answer.

In case you've forgotten, Elektra died at the end of season two of Daredevil, only for the Hand to take her body, put it in a natty red outfit, and place it in a sarcophagus to, no doubt, come back to life to serve their goals.

The teaser sure looks to be part of the ritual that brings Elektra back:

But the text "Oh, great. #DEFEND" pretty much confirms that Elektra will be on the Hand's side for the confrontation with the Defenders, which is basically what we all expected. I don't think anyone thought the Hand was bringing her back, only to have her escape and bring Matt and the others a vital clue or whatever.

Elektra was always on the edge of being a villain anyway. The mystical arts the Hand is using to bring her back will probably result in her being the Black Sky they serve, just like they wanted in Daredevil — and Matt will have plenty of angst about fighting her.

We'll find out August 18.

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