Watch Words Beautifully Express Their Own Meaning On An Old Typewriter

Video: This austere and delightful little short shows just how much you can communicate with few resources and a decent amount of ingenuity.

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10 Of History's Most Beautiful Typewriters

Typewriters are intricate machines — complex little boxes that require an abundance of ingenuity to produce. They are often beautiful, and they occasionally find wildly imaginative ways to conduct the delicate dance between the hammers and the keys.

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Clocking in at just over a minute long, Disillusionment of 10 Point Font is like an amuse-bouche of viral videos — doesn't waste your time and leaves a nice impression. Its creators simply type out words and animate them in a metaphorical way that conveys their meaning. Typed on a Smith Corona Galaxie Deluxe Typewriter, the little unique variations in the way the same letter never makes an identical impression on the paper makes me




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