Australia Has The Southern Hemisphere's Biggest Death Star

To celebrate Star Wars Day, LEGO has built an enormous 2.4-metre Death Star smack bang in the middle of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott's electorate in Sydney's Northern Beaches. For two more days, Australia has the Southern Hemisphere's biggest Death Star.

Over 210,000 LEGO pieces went into the construction of the Galactic Empire's most destructive superweapon, weighing in at a total of 545kg and measuring 7.2 metres in circumference. LEGO master builder Chris Steininger flew into town to help put it together, using CAD software and eight months' work to design the orb.

If you want to see the giant LEGO Death Star in its full, Alderaan-blasting glory, head to Warringah Mall any time today — it'll be dismantled tomorrow.

Watch the massive Death Star come together right here:

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