This Guy Loves To Cover His Hand With The World’s Grossest Bugs

This Guy Loves To Cover His Hand With The World’s Grossest Bugs

Do you have hobbies? Maybe cycling or carpentry or something low key? Well, this guy has a cooler hobby than you.

GIF: YouTube / InsecthausTV

Adrian Kozakiewicz loves to cover his hand with gnarly bugs, film it, and then put the videos on YouTube. His channel, InsecthausTV, is one of the most messed up and fascinating things you’ll see on the internet this week. There are also videos of insects crawling around on the counter, but the bugs-on-hand videos really are the best.

The young, Germany-based entomology enthusiast claims to be “one of the largest insect breeders in Europe”, and his social media game is strong. Not only is there the nasty YouTube channel, but the 20-year-old also keeps a well-stocked Facebook page, an Instagram account with over 160,000 followers, and a Snapchat. Now for some highlights from all of the above.

First, we have the descriptively titled “INSECTS ON MY HAND !” It’s just all kinds of sinister little jerks crawling on Kozakiewicz’s hand:

Now here’s “Biggest Snail in the World !” If you know the species, let us know in the comments.

Still not gnarly enough? Check out “Giant Fighter Crickets.”

Still not impressed? How about Idolomantis diabolica?

Now, let’s tone it down with some living leaves known as Phylllium giganteum.

My personal favourite, however, is Eurycantha calcarata, a species that resembles a spiky turd with thick legs.

Over on Instagram, the videos are slightly more docile. Here’s a bunch of colourful bugs — beetles, based on the hashtag.

Beetles are nice. Here are some rainbow stag beetles:

Ever wonder what the most expensive roach in the world is called? Macropanesthia rhinocerous, and looking at them makes me want to die.

Here’s something called Goliathus albosignatus.

And just so we end on a bright note, this is an African species called Phymateus aerogrotus.