This Game Of Thrones Fan Film May Be The Only Prequel We Need

This Game Of Thrones Fan Film May Be The Only Prequel We Need

As George RR Martin and HBO try to figure out which (and how many!) of the five Game of Thrones spin-offs they’re working on a small group of indie filmmaker in Belfast have taken it upon themselves to make their own prequel, titled “The Wild Wolf”, a short depicting Ned’s doomed brother Brandon Stark and Catelyn Tully’s betrothal, and Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish’s fateful decision.

So maybe “fan film” isn’t exactly right here, as this is pretty professional-looking! As always, there are a couple of signs that this is not an official HBO production; it’s rough around the edges sometimes, and Littlefinger seems a bit older to me than I had thought he was when the Starks and Tullys tried to ally with each other. But for having zero funding, it’s top-notch.

And it certainly knows its Game of Thrones. Here’s the cast, courtesy of Winter Is Coming:

  • Curtis Worell — Petyr Baelish
  • Elisha Gormley — Catelyn Tully
  • Jenny Edgar — Lysa Tully
  • Michael McGarry — Edmure Tully
  • Jonathan Gilespie — Ethan Glover
  • Roger Dane — Maester Vyman
  • Ryan Lafferty — Raff the Raper (not to be confused with Raff the Sweetling)

And an eagle-eyed WIC reader noticed that Lysa appeared on the actual Game of Thrones during the stellar “Hardhome” episode. Neat!

GRRM has already announced there won’t be a “Robert’s Rebellion” prequel series, which I’m 100 per cent fine with. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy “The Wild Wolf” one hell of a lot.