This Aussie Fan-Made Tesla Ad Is Actually Pretty Good

This Aussie Fan-Made Tesla Ad Is Actually Pretty Good

Video: Tesla’s Project Loveday fan film contest is getting some great submissions. And this Aussie production is one of the best I’ve seen so far. As well as having an inspiring message behind it, it’s very well produced.

Directed by Aussie Sean Walker, the minute-long video is emotion-driven, rather than talking tech: it shows a young girl playing with a toy car and asking some pretty damn insightful questions — “Mum, can cars use batteries?” — before showing off a couple of extremely good-lookin’ Teslas.

Sure, the cars in the ad are both the pre-facelift Model S, but that’s because they belong to Australian Tesla owners — in fact, the entire shoot was organised through the Tesla Owner’s Club Australia. If you just want to see some Tesla porn, skip to the 0:40 mark. [YouTube]

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