The Ultimate Cosplayer Built A Working Version Of Batman's Grappling Hook Gun

Video: Probably best known for his functional electromagnetic Captain America shield replica, YouTube's The Hacksmith and his team spent the past six months designing, building and re-building a working Batman grappling hook gun that makes it extra easy to escape awkward cosplay conventions.

Powered by a pair of 2.7kW electric DC motors, the grappling gun has a custom designed gearbox for speed that's hidden inside a 3D-printed shroud that allowed for unique detailing to match Batman's other toys. The gun weighs around 7kg thanks in part to a pair of 6200mAh lithium polymer batteries that will keep it running for almost 50 20m ascents or descents — more than enough for a long night of crimefighting.

The project cost well over $US3000 ($4058) to build, not including all the labour and machinery needed to bring it to life. So while you don't quite need a Bruce Wayne-sized bank account to make your own, you will need his technical skills and know-how for the build.


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