The South Korean Presidential Election, As Told Through The Medium Of Game Of Thrones

Video: Exit polls from South Korea's presidential election indicate that liberal candidate Moon Jae-in will be the country's next leader. Although the latest election was done in the wake of a massive corruption scandal, at least one South Korean news service decided to have a bit of fun with the results.

Image: SBS

Election coverage from broadcaster SBS has been making the rounds on the internet this morning, thanks to the fact that it dressed up Moon, as well as rival Hong Joon-Pyo and other candidates, as if they were competing for Westeros' Iron Throne rather than the presidency. If you ever wanted to see an ageing politician photoshopped onto the back of Daenerys' dragon, set to the Game of Thrones theme, well do we have the videos for you:

Certainly weird, but far from the first time this latest election has been rendered through popular culture. Overwatch character D.Va — a South Korean pro gamer turned mecha pilot named Hana Song in the Blizzard shooter's futuristic setting — has been turned into a feminist icon in the country in the wake of the corruption scandal surrounding ousted president Park Geun-Hye. The game itself even became part of one candidate's political campaign.

Hopefully Mr Moon's presidency in South Korea will be less fraught than the life of someone on Westeros' throne usually is.

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