Sydney, You've Got One More Week To Gorge Yourself On Scotch Eggs And Whisky

If there are two Scottish things I like most, it's Scotch whisky and Scotch eggs. (Sorry, Karen Gillan.) And did you know that World Whisky Day is coming up on the 20th of May? What better reason do you want to go and visit a pop-up bar serving booze and eggs.

Dewar's Scotch Egg Club is a pop-up bar in the Sydney CBD, hidden in a Clarence St laneway next to Baxter Inn and Barber Shop. It's an homage to the Scotch Egg Club at Dewar's in Scotland, hidden away in the back of a freezing distillery. Tommy Dewar, son of founder John, was obsessed with whisky but also with chickens, and bred prize-winning fowls that laid prize-winning eggs — so the combination is a natural one.

Tommy introduced Scotch to America post-Prohibition and it turns out that Dewar's is the world's most awarded blends. So Dewar's is celebrating the man's legacy with a special Sydney pop-up running for the month of May, serving Scotch eggs and Dewar's family whiskies.

Don't know what a Scotch egg is? You poor thing. It's basically a soft-boiled egg that's been encased in minced meat, coated in bread crumbs and deep fried. If you haven't tried one, you're missing out. The only thing better than a Scotch egg is a Scotch egg paired up with a nip of whisky, which is really convenient, since the Club is stocked to the rafters with all Dewar's many and varied spirits.

Like, ridiculously well stocked.

Like, stocked with a $3000 bottle of Craigellachie 31 year old single malt whisky. A nip of that particular whisky will set you back a cool $310, while the (equally nice, in different ways — I tried!) 23, 17 and 13 year old Craigellachie drops will set you back $100, $27 and $14 respectively. I actually think the 23 year old was my favourite — it had more flavour and depth than the 31, and it's a lot easier on the wallet, which means you can enjoy it over a couple of drinks.

You could even take a whisky tasting masterclass — except they're all sold out. Instead, you'll just have to rock up and order yourself a dram and a Scotch Egg on any Wednesday to Saturday night from 5PM, with a free nip of Dewar's 12 year old whisky on arrival. Trust me — it's worth it.

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