New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailers Treat Spidey Like A Kid

Video: Two new trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming just hit the web, and the focus this time is on Spidey's "internship" to Tony Stark and penchant for selfies.

Image: Marvel via YouTube

The domestic trailer contains a myriad of gadgets and tricks Peter's Tony Stark-sponsored suit is capable of ("576 possible web shooter combinations," says the inbuilt AI), as well as a very good look at Michael Keaton's Vulture, who seems suitably intimidating.

A second, international trailer also dropped, in which Spidey makes good use of his phone's camera.

What stands out in these trailers is just how much of an overeager kid Peter is, ready to prove himself to the already established heroes. Spider-Man is the first teenage hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and his different approach to crimefighting should make for an interesting change of pace.

Two new posters have also been released for the film.

Image: Marvel
Image: Marvel

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits cinemas in Australia July 6.

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