Someone Stole $8500 Of Lego From A Toy Store In Young

Video: NSW Police is investigating the theft of "a large amount of Lego" from a toy store in Young. "A large amount" is approximately $8500 of Lego, in fact, including what police say are some "highly collectable" pieces. And there's security footage.

According to the police media release, "about 3.30am on Monday 17 April 2017, an unknown offender forced entry to the toy store on Boorowa Street, Young. Inside, they stole about $8500 of ‘Lego’ products, including highly collectable items."

To find a person that may be able to assist with their inquiries, police have released CCTV video -- which looks like someone has filmed security camera playback TV with their phone -- of an individual hot-footing it through a carpark near Boorowa Street in the town.

Young, a couple of hours' drive from Canberra, has a population of 6960 -- so if the thief is local, they're probably well known to the small community. [NSW Police]



    Should be easy enough to round up all the unfit, lego-loving, Yowies near Young.

    Errr, the thief probably isn't local as there have been a number of similar robberies in VIC. He probably just expanded his horizons.

    Just goes to show that you can't trust Young people! ;)

    Criminals in this town used to believe in things.

    My kids have about $500 worth of Lego and it all fits into a 2 litre ice cream container (cheers to Disney licensing) so $8500 worth of lego is Sweet FA, when you think about it.

      You should be done for child abuse - We have 3 tea chests full of Lego. How could you deprive them of so much?!?

        Basically, because their father prefers to purchase guitars in the $7000+ range, on the regular, and buying more lego is not conducive to his hobby..!

        I thought feeding your kids Macca's and sugary products was child abuse, these days, anyhow?

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